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Are you jet setting this December? It’s exciting to pack up and take off to explore new landscapes, cultures and of course food! Maintaining a healthy eating routine whilst on holiday can be challenging. When eating away from home we tend to eat larger quantities of foods, more refined sugar and less fibre, our fruit and vegetable intake decreases whilst our alcohol and sugar beverage consumption increases and there is often greater accessibility to desserts and treats. If you are renting an apartment or a house with a kitchen you are more likely to sustain healthy eating practices. However, this is often not the case if you are staying at a resort, a hotel or on a cruise ship.

Here are my five top tips to still eat healthy and have fun while travelling:

  1. Maintain meal times. It is common to lose our routines and meal timings. Meals are skipped and larger meals are then consumed to compensate. Focus on having 3 main meals a day. After all, your body needs fuel for all the sight seeing and adventures you will be going on. When we go for long stretched periods without eating, we actually slow down our metabolism and promote over eating at the next meal. Our bodies go into starvation mode and this promotes fat storage. So, enjoy your breakfast, lunch and supper!

  2. Bump up the fibre. Why? Because it keeps us feeling fuller for longer. When travelling our fibre intake tends to often fall short, causing traveller’s constipation. Increasing the fibre content in our foods may also assist in eating smaller portions. Choose whole grain option, consumer more veg, choose beans and legumes and add a fruit as a snack.

  3. Stay hydrated! When travelling, we often tend to be more active than usual (be it walking, hiking or swimming). We also may be in the hot sun for longer periods of time. Make sure you take a water bottle on day trips, and when flying too. We often mistake hunger for thirst – don’t let your body trick you.

  4. Speaking of hydration, limit your liquid calories. Eat them, don’t drink them. They’re notorious for being a major contributor to holiday weight gain. Alcohol consumption guidelines are two standard drinks a day for men and one for women. Limit cold drinks, and rather use sparkling water or diet cold drinks as a mixer.

  5. Have fun! Remember, you are on holiday. Do not deprive yourself of experiences or foods that you enjoy – just be mindful! For example: share desserts, go for walks after meals, opt for lite options where available and pair your main meals with veggies or salads.

Happy Holidays



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