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Chickpeas have been turned into falafels and hummus for far too long! These pulses are nutritional overachievers – full of protein, fibre, folic acid, manganese and zinc. It’s time they shine on their own, instead of mushed into another bowl of hummus – some may call it bending the rules, I call it genius! Once

Are you a salad enthusiast? I hope so, and if not, I anticipate you will be very soon! There’s something about summer that makes people more likely to indulge in appetizing summer salads. Perhaps it’s the freshness of the veggies, possibly it’s the crunch or maybe it’s the desire to have something lighter in your

Are you jet setting this December? It’s exciting to pack up and take off to explore new landscapes, cultures and of course food! Maintaining a healthy eating routine whilst on holiday can be challenging. When eating away from home we tend to eat larger quantities of foods, more refined sugar and less fibre, our fruit