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Paediatric Nutrition

From babies to toddlers to teens…

Dietitians can help individuals of all ages. 

The importance of good nutrition starts from preconception. From the moment a baby is born, we are encouraged to monitor and track every facet of the child’s well-being – from their weight and length to their developmental milestones. Nutrition is often a big concern for parents – form breastfeeding to introducing solids, fussy eating and allergies, healthy lunch boxes, medical conditions and healthy growth and weight maintenance– it is a constant source of conversation and attention.

The food our children eat play a vital role in how they grow, develop, concentrate on school work, perform on the school sports field, fight infections and how they interact with their peers. 

Dietitians with a special interest in paediatric nutrition can help families overcome any problems their baby or child may be experiencing with their nutritional intake. Nutrition advice is individualized to fit into the family’s lifestyle and financial budget.