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One on One Consultation

The first appointment will include a detailed and comprehensive nutritional assessment including anthropometry (body measurements), biochemistry as necessary, clinical history and examination as well as a dietary assessment. This will help tailor specific recommendations geared towards your health and nutritional goals. The latter half of the consult will involve nutrition education empowering the patient to successfully manage their own diet through dietary advice and modifications. 

*Discovery Health Medical Aid Rates Apply

Vitality Nutrition Assessment

Vitality members can earn 1000 Vitality points for seeing a dietitian every year. Your medical history, family medical history, dietary and lifestyle choices are assessed in this 20-30 minute consultation. 

Please note: Vitality nutrition assessments do not include a personalized meal plan. If you require a meal plan, it is recommended to rather book a one on one consultation. 

Corporate Wellness

Various options may be chosen to meet the requirements of your company to help increase productivity and overall well being of employees including: nutrition-related presentations, cooking demonstrations, vitality nutrition assessments and weight loss groups.


Dietitian’s are able to translate evidence based nutritional information into simple and easy to understand language. Shani Cohen Registered Dietitian is available for print media, online media, radio and television. 

EatFit – IBS Management

Shani Cohen Registered Dietitian is EatFit accredited. Through this program we are able to assist with the management of irritable bowel syndrome through the low FODMAP diet. The program offers a comprehensive 16 week program to teach elimination of FODMAP foods and then assist with the reintroduction during that period. It allows patients to better understand their personal food triggers and to have a personalized approach to gut health. 


DNAlysis offers an innovative approach to genetic testing. The personalised medicine approach to healthcare will allow for more precise, predictable and preventative health care that is customized for the individual patient. Trained practitioners use a range of DNA tests to gain a greater understanding of what patients need for optimal health and nutrition in terms of weight management, chronic disease risk management, cognitive health and mood disorders and athletic performance and recovery.