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For me, food is more than just fuel

For me, food is more than just fuel. It brings about a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. This is why I strongly believe there is a place for ALL foods in a healthy diet. I chose the path of nutrition and dietetics because of my love for good food.

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from sharing recipes to providing you with the latest evidence based nutrition knowledge and skills to achieve your nutritional and dietary goals,

Dietitians can help individuals of all ages

The importance of good nutrition starts from preconception. From the moment a baby is born, we are encouraged to monitor and track every facet of the child’s well-being – from their weight and length to their developmental milestones.

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I also acknowledge that we all have our own definition of what a healthy lifestyle looks and feels like. I want to be your reliable go to resource for all things food and nutrition,
  • Here is a situation: you are offered a ‘straight outta the oven’ decadent triple chocolate jumbo muffin. If this sounds tempting, you would likely feel a desire for this sweet treat. If so, you have experienced appetite. To further confirm

  • About three weeks ago on a Monday, I wasn’t feeling quite as rested as one should at the start of a week. The previous week had been a stressful and busy one (we all have those, right?), and before I

  • As coronavirus impacts communities around the world, many people have wondered whether there are steps they can take to stay healthy and boost their immune systems. You may have heard about antioxidants – in food articles, from health experts or

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