Initial Consultation (Duration: 1 hour)

pexels-photo-867483.jpegA detailed and comprehensive nutritional assessment including anthropometry, biochemistry as necessary, clinical history and examination as well as a dietary assessment. This will help tailor specific recommendations geared towards your health and nutritional goals. The latter half of the consult will involve nutrition education empowering the patient to successfully manage their own diet through dietary advice and modifications.


Follow Up Consultations (Duration: 30 minutes)



A full nutritional assessment with follow up and further implementation of dietary changes as deemed necessary.


Weigh in (Duration: 15 minutes)


Designed for a patient on a maintenance program.



Group consultations (Duration: dependent on group size)



Suitable for families and friends looking to support each other through their health and nutritional goals.



Vitality Nutrition Assessment



Earn 1000 points during a once off nutritional assessment and tailored nutrition education.



Corporate Wellness


Various options may be chosen to meet the requirements of your company to help increase productivity and overall well being of employees including: nutrition-related presentations, vitality nutrition assessments and weight loss groups.


Meal Planning



All our meal plans are formulated to suit individual nutritional requirements, taking preferences, costs and season into consideration.


*Medical aid rates apply.