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During a holiday where we celebrate going from enslavement to freedom, we somehow always manage to enslave ourselves to many unnecessary calories during Pesach. By keeping some of my top Pesach healthy eating tips in mind, we can please our Pesach palates without turning into kneidlach balls ourselves!

  1. Get a head start at the Seder

Preparing to eat healthy on Pesach starts before the actual seder. Do not go into the seder hungry. An empty stomach makes it difficult to fuel your brain to make healthy food choices. Additionally, some of the seder’s classic dishes can be used to your health advantage! For example, chicken soup and kneidlach is a great choice – the kneidlach being the starch, chicken is the protein and the celery, onion and carrots are the vegetables. Think about eating a large bowl, slow down and allow yourself to feel full and satisfied. You may be surprised as you may not feel the need to eat more food after! When it comes to dessert, fresh fruit and dark chocolate are great options.

  1. Think outside the (matzah) box!

You’ll certainly eat matzah during the seder meals and throughout the week, but you are certainly not limited to it. Try add in some baked baby potatoes, sweet potatoes and butternut or pumpkin (with the skin on!) for some added high fibre options. Be creative with cauliflower rice and quinoa! Your gut will thank you later! Remember to always add in a protein with your starch of choice to keep you full for longer and your blood sugar levels stable. Remember to also drink tons of water to keep the gastrointestinal symptoms, like bloating and constipation, at bay!

  1. Freshen it up

Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals and snacks. Plan ahead and crunch on cucumber and carrot sticks instead of the limited packaged kosher for Pesach chips and chocolate options. Get back to the basics and choose foods that are not processed.

  1. Be moderate in your shopping

There is always a real commotion when it comes to shopping and getting ready for Pesach. Really, the holiday is only eight days. Plan your meals ahead of time, so you know the exact ingredients and quantities you will need to avoid over buying and feeling the need to eat everything up! Be moderate!

  1. Keep active

While the tradition may dictate we recline at our seder tables, there’s nothing wrong with taking a brisk walk in the days post seder. Get in some exercise to burn off the inevitable extra calories from the seders. Additionally, exercise will help curb your appetite and kick your digestive system into gear!

By  eating intuitively you can still enjoy the traditions and spirit of a fulfilling Pesach without worrying about your weight! So, instead of saying “after Pesach”, resolve to get started with good and healthful eating habits right now!


  • Brenda Raanan
    April 3, 2020

    Sounds great..I. Agree…thanks


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