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Like nails on a chalkboard, nothing frustrates me more than hearing about some new diet trend or fad. High Fat Low Carb, High Carb Low Fat, High Protein, Low Protein… And everyone is jumping on the bandwagon!

Keeping pace in a turbo charged world sometimes means going against the stream. When it comes to our health and more specifically our weight, we want quick and easy solutions to highly complex problems.

Ask yourself, what are the top reasons for failed weight loss? I’m sure many of you would answer having no time to cook or exercise, being too stressed out, having family members bring junk food home, not having anyone to exercise with, or feeling awkward exercising. The ratio of fat to carb to protein doesn’t come into play. So, what does come into play? Your lifestyle.

It’s not that they don’t work. In fact, most fad diets WILL help you lose weight but then what? If you’re like most people, you gain the weight back. And repeat. It’s a vicious cycle that tears down our confidence, self-worth, and zest for enjoying foods.

Strict food fad diets are often isolating. These diets restrict us from being able to share meals with family and friends. Our lives surround food in so many different aspects, no matter where you are in the world- families sit around the dinner table every night, children sit on the school fields during their lunch socializing with friends, families bring food to comfort others at a funeral. On a first date, a couple is most likely to go out for a meal.

Restriction leads to deprivation. Denying food (like everything in life) makes it that much more appealing. Every dieter knows that the moment you can’t have something, you want it.

The list of nutritional things to worry about is endless. Personally, I can’t run through a checklist every time I eat to decide if the food in front of me fits a million “rules.” I don’t like feeling restricted with food. I also don’t have time to analyze my food before I eat it -what’s the fun in that anyways? For me, a healthy plate is one in which you are about to thoroughly enjoy, one that can be shared with your loved ones and one that you feel confident will nourish your body to thrive, perform, grow and repair.

Before embarking on any diet, ask yourself- “Could you do this plan for the rest of your life?” If the answer is no, it’s not a lifestyle. It’s a diet.

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