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Midday is when we need energy and nutrients the most! That’s when we are the busiest and most productive – at work, university or school! Turn up the flavour with minimum fuss with these healthy ‘to go’ lunch ideas (remember to always prepare ahead):

  1. Good ol’ fashioned chicken salad (ditch the creamy salad dressing and opt for a vinaigrette instead)

  2. Lentil & couscous salad (load it up with veggies!)

  3. Avo and tuna sandwich (choose a high fibre bread)

  4. Greek salad pita pockets (keep it wholewheat for some extra fibre!)

  5. Pasta salad (include a protein and some veggies of your choice with your whole wheat pasta)

  6. Chicken strips and baked sweet potato ( from last night!)

  7. Cold or hot stir fry (vegetarian or non vegetarian)

  8. Bean salad with tomato, olives and feta

  9. Egg mayonnaise on a whole wheat roll (remember to keep the mayo lite!)

  10. Home made minestrone soup – perfect to be heated up in the microwave at work (great for winter time)

Not only are these darn easy to make, but they can all be prepared ahead of time – allowing you to press that snooze button one more time in the mornings!

Have a great week!


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